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It is indeed my honor to a glowing recommendation to USA Graphics and Ed Palubinskas the CEO and main artist. These guys performed artistic miracles on our gym walls and floors. Ed's professionalism, creativity and pride place him head and shoulders above the rest. These guys are the best.
Dr. Bruce Locklear, Ed.D. principal, Delano H.S. Delano, MN
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Wall Murals, 3-D gym floor graphics, football field graphics and painted images on just about any surface!

Make your gym or field or pool or RV the envy of your competitor, rival, or neighbor by letting us paint awesome larger than life 3-dimensional artwork on your buildings, fields, walls or floors. You can choose from a wide selection of original work already completed or we can design something totally new and specific to your environment. Our work is only limited by your imagination. Our products include wall murals, gym floor murals, football field graphics, swimming pool tile mosaicsRV murals, cigarette boat graphics, auto murals and graphics etc.






Why choose from USA

Premium Quality-

Not all artwork and graphics are created equal! We create original artwork as much as possible to leave a huge impact and a long lasting impression.

USA Graphics, Inc. is recognized as the National leader in the painting of large wall and floor murals for sports facilities.  This business started when ESPN TV started in the mid 80's. Surfing TV sports channels portrayed how bland sports facilities looked in relation to impacting images and school mascots. They all lacked size and color. After designing some flyers, sending them out to a bunch of schools in the Northwest proved my point that schools were hungry for a new look and the rest is history. Image is huge in the corporate world. It is a direct expression of who we are. Everybody loves to look good and having murals and creative art themes really adds life, pride, and a great sense of belonging as well as intimidation to visiting teams. Schools especially like to promote intimidation, power, class etc. to their respective institutions and there is no better way to do this than by large 3-D wall and floor murals. Once this got teeth, USA Graphics became known as the standard of aesthetic excellence in the sporting world as we still are today.

From this new niche that we accidentally developed, we never realized that we would be single handedly changing the face of the major sports through graphic application. Then we then branched into applying graphics to anything and everything from football fields, to gym wall murals to swimming pool mosaics, to RV's to motorcycles, boats, trucks, and anything else you can imagine that had a large surface. We believe our legacy is to make the world a more attractive and appealing place to live in aesthetically. To this day "we love what we do and we do what we love". We look forward to the challenges of making your visual imaginations into a reality.

One of the great benefits we can provide is our versatility. We can add appeal to any surface of a building or an object, size is no limitation. We are photorealists yet we can appeal to the customer requirements while providing suggestions and ideas. Depending on the size of the project, down time is very minimal and we pride ourselves on getting in and getting out as fast as possible. We have a long list of references and testimonials that testify to our ability.

Thank you for your time and interest and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

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