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When we first started USA GRAPHICS in 1986, our focus was totally on beautifying basketball gym floors by adding large 3-Dimensional murals or paintings embellishing school Mascots. It was not long before schools asked for murals on walls etc. One thing led to another. We never knew what or where we would be asked to paint a mural because all schools and institutions have large blank spaces that could be enhanced with some aesthetic beautification. MIchaelangelo and his Sistine Chapel Inspired me to the extent that it changed my life from being a full time basketball coach to a full time travelling muralist or custom artist specializing in large wall and floor murals. If need be we also often do large 3-dimensional tile mosaic murals for walls or floors. Either way it seems I am always in the gym either spraying paint or shooting baskets.

Every new commission is a challenge and no two murals are the same. We try hard to make all our work original. We have painted facilities in Australia, to Saudi Arabia to just about every State in the United States. We have also sent work to China, Phillipines and Europe. We have done pieces as large as a football fields requiring hundreds of gallons of paint to Golf club heads requiring less than a quarter of an ounce of paint.

In 26 years of working with architects, school superintendents, coaches, booster club presidents, athletic directors and even University presidents, we have never dissapointed anyone, while leaving a legacy of years of positive approval and accolades for the great work rendered.

Take a moment and scroll down through our gallery pages to see the variety of our work. I am sure we can accommodate you with anything you may have in store for us, and we look forward to making your building or facility look very appealing to all who see it.

Thank you.

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