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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Question: How can I get a price quote for a gym wall mural and a center floor mascot for my High School Gym in Utah?Answer: Every job differes in price because of size, number of letters, technicality of the piece etc. Simply call or email us with your request and we can submit a rough estimate of what is involved. Once we agree on the exact final rendition we can quote you an exact price.
2 Question: Do you have offices all over the country, or do you travel to the sites?Answer: Since we are a very specialized company dealing in large 3-D murals, and it is hard to find others who do what we do, we travel on site and do the work there.
3 Question: How long does it take you to do a 20' X 20' wall mural in a gym?Answer: About 1-2 days including set up and take-down of equipment.
4 Question: What is your time frame with mosaic tile murals. For example if we wanted a 10' X 10' mosaic tile piece of our school crest in the front foyer, how would that work?Answer: We would do the initial layout and design as well as the meticulous work involved here at our studio. The time it takes depends on the size of the piece. Once completed, we cut it and break it down for easy shipment to the site. Something this size may have 50,000 pieces. Once there it takes about a day to install and a day for cleanup.
5 Question: How do we start the process of hiring USA Graphics, Inc to do our floor and wall murals?Answer: Simply email or call us toll free at 1-800-784-6674 and we create a mock up of your idea and go from there. The main thing is that you like our 3-dimensional work.
6 Question: What if you do several renditions for us and we decide not to use you?Answer: This does not happen very often but it is a hazard of the industry. We can't simply create original renditions for everyone who asks. We usually will do one but if more are necessary then we charge $150.00 per rendition for computer time. But, if we do several and we are contracted to do the work we waive any fees for the preliminary drawings.

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